Below are just a few of my reader reviews, posted by real people on Amazon. I’m incredibly grateful to them, because blowing your own trumpet is such hard work.

  • All These Nearly Fights had me hooked from the beginning.
  • A hilarious book about a standard bloke who ends up rich as hell after winning the lottery.
  • I have to say I love the way this has been written, it’s in the first person and the guy who’s monologue you’re hearing is just so funny. The author of course is the real comedic genius but it really does feel like Jimmy is just another one of your mates stuck in barmier and barmier situations.
  • Very impressive for a debut novel.
  • The subject matter and style of writing reminded me very much of Guy Bellamy, whose books usually read a bit like a wish-fulfilment fantasy but contain enough jeopardy to balance that and also contain plenty of witty one-liners.
  • They are closing the Lamb and Musket represents a step change in story-telling as well as a development in Richard’s maturity as a writer – the confidence to let the narrative breathe, take shape and speak for itself makes for a beguiling, gritty and sometimes surprising story told in his signature style. This is a real story. Written by a real author, in a real novel.
  • Once again, Richard Cunliffe has created a strong ensemble cast of characters in a fast-moving story with a few seriously nasty villains and surprising twists in the mix!
  • I was hooked from the start and I was drawn into all the different characters lives. The way they all intertwined and how their stories developed really fascinated me.
  • Although Richard Cunliffe writes about ordinary people in ordinary situations rather than “out there” thrillers and mysteries, he still manages to make his stories exciting. He creates characters that readers like me can relate to, and keeps us turning the pages to find out what happens next. As well as the highly credible characters, there are also plenty of plot twists to keep readers guessing until the end.