Welcome to my World of Writing

Thanks for saying hello. Dependant on how you arrived here, you may or may not know that I’m an indie author, with books available for sale both electronically or in paperback.

I’ve enjoyed reading and writing for as long as I can remember, and I published my first novel, All These Nearly Fights, back in 2017. If you were to ask what genre I write in, I might struggle to answer. My writing certainly has one foot in the “lad-lit” camp, but I think my female readers outnumber the men, and if you pushed me to define what my books are about then I’ve no punchier an answer than: contemporary urban fiction with a humorous twist. You’ll just have to read my stuff, and then work out your own idea of category.

My website’s pretty simple, as you can see for yourself. There’s a review page, where you can see what people think of my writing, and there’s a preview of my published books – including my latest, Red Leicester Blues – together with links to Amazon, so that you can go and buy them. You also have the option of getting a free short story featuring Jimmy Harris, the hero/anti-hero of All These Nearly Fights, and of course there’s a contact page for getting in touch. It would be truly great to hear from you.